shredded brussels sprout and kale salad with walnuts and pecorino

I always feel so obnoxiously virtuous when I eat a kale salad. So much so that I can add however much creamy dressing, cheese, croutons, etc., and I still feel like I’ve done my body and health some big favour.

This is probably one of the many reasons why my wedding dress does not yet fit.

Anyway – this version has so much going for it – toothsome shredded sprouts and kale, crunchy walnuts, salty shredded pecorino, and a punchy mustard-cider dressing.

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easy roasted cauliflower in cheese sauce

 I’m moving across the country, and in the process have been attempting to use up my pantry odds and ends so there is less to deal with when I take my head out of the sand and actually start packing. I spied a few cans of evaporated milk and dinner was on! And a delicious dinner side it was – tender and caramelized roasted cauliflower in a quick cheddar parmesan sauce. Continue reading “easy roasted cauliflower in cheese sauce” »

finished potatoes 2

spinach + artichoke roasted mashed potatoes

 Mashed potatoes probably aren’t the first thing you think of to make for dinner when it’s 30 degrees (Celsius) outside and all you want to do is sit in your bedroom because it’s the only room with air conditioning.

But really, is there ever a bad time for mashed potatoes? Especially ones that are packed with spinach, artichokes and cheese.

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patties cropped

spiced chickpea and brown rice patties with tabbouleh salsa

I love homemade vegetarian patties but have always had trouble with them – I have tried endless combinations of beans, vegetables, and grains, but never seem to get it right.

They either end up having a mushy texture, or they are too crumbly and fall apart during the cooking and/or eating process. Frustration!

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roasted tomatillo and green chile salsa

Salsa verde (green sauce) is one of my favorite condiments.

Like any salsa it’s great as a dip, but why not use it as a cooking sauce to braise pork or chicken for tacos and enchiladas. Or stir it into soup. Or use it to put a southwest twist on mac and cheese. My favorite way to eat it is spooned onto scrambled eggs or omelettes (or on migas, if I have some leftover tortillas handy).

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overhead finished

spicy thai chicken rice bowls

I love rice bowls.

You can take them so many directions- top cilantro-lime rice with black beans and fajita seasoned chicken and avocado and salsa, or maybe some hot cooked sushi rice with teriyaki chicken and lightly pickled cucumber salad and sesame seeds.

A craving for peanut sauce-on-something precipitated the creation of these tasty bowls.

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corn 2

old bay shrimp boil

Depending upon where you live you will know exactly what this is, or have no idea. I was in the latter camp until my east coaster boyfriend decided he wanted to do a corn boil for his birthday and I had no idea what that was either.

While doing some research, I came across this.

Seafood boils are generally a southern thing, and depending on the region may include shrimp, clams, crawfish, crab or lobster (or a mixture). no utensils required (lots of napkins though!).

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raw salmon

adobo-rubbed cedar planked salmon with peach jalapeno salsa + scallion yogurt sauce

I was going to start today’s post with how excited I am that summer seems to have officially arrived. Now it’s back to our regularly scheduled program of clouds and gloom. Oh well.

I’m a fan of salmon in many guises, but I think planking it may be my favorite. The smell of the smoky cedar is like nothing else, and it compliments the salmon so well.    

For this version I made an adobo spice mixture to rub on the salmon, and I topped it with some fresh and fiery peach jalapeno salsa and cool scallion yogurt sauce.

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chickpea tikka masala 024

chickpea tikka masala + lemon ginger rice

Whenever I’m in an Indian restaurant my eyes always drift to the vegetarian section. Chana masala, vegetable biryani, dal, aloo gobi – I can’t remember the last time I ordered butter chicken.

What I did eat a few weeks ago though was some chicken tikka masala, and while delicious, I couldn’t help but think that a meat-free version might be more up my alley.

While the origin of this dish may be in dispute, most can agree on what it should be – a mild, creamy curry, orange-hued from the mix of tomatoes and cream, and warmly spiced with garam masala. And as it turns out, all of these elements play just as nicely with chickpeas as with chicken.

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BeFunky_meatloaf overha.jpg

ricotta chicken meatloaf with spicy peperonata tomato sauce

Two things about me:

1. I love meatloaf.

2. I very rarely make the same recipe twice.

Sure, I’ve had triumphant moments in the kitchen where I’ve made something that’s blown my own socks off (and those of whomever I’ve served it to). I’d share the recipe and tell everyone I know that they just had to make it. They’d make it over and over again and love it every time. But me? Nope. It would go into the vault of recipes past, never to be spoken of again.

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green thai curry roasted cauliflower + crispy fried shallots

Thank you everyone so much for your support and feedback on my blog! It means tons.

Anyways. Today! Today is about cauliflower. Specifically roasted cauliflower. I know, I know, like the internet needs another recipe for roasted cauliflower. People have been all over it ever since they realized that mashed cauliflower doesn’t taste like potatoes. 

But this, I couldn’t keep to myself.

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scallops 2

seared sea scallops + smokey pea puree on potato chips

 A few weeks ago some friends and I headed to Penticton for a girls weekend and wine tasting. It was fabulous as usual. This trip we didn’t leave empty handed – we made sure to bring back some delicious fruit wines from Summerland Sweets (free samples!) to drink and lift our spirits when we missed the Okanagan sun.

A week later it was time!

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